Ira Glass How You Have Failed Me!

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and I saw that my favorite Public Radio Show (don't you have one?) This American Life, was having a live show! In movie theaters! Obviously, I spent almost $50 on two tickets for me and Fiance and last night off we went to the movie theater!

I was SO excited! So excited that I kept saying to Fiance "Are you excited? I'm excited!". We got popcorn and everything!

The first hour was great!

We will ignore the fact that I told Fiance we had to be there 45 minutes before it started because I wanted to get good seats and there ended up being about 25 people total. And that we were the youngest ones by about twenty years.

They had Tig Notaro who was too funny and this really cool participatory music thing with OK Go that was like Guitar Hero on your smart phone!

And then they played this movie with Mike Birbiglia WHO I LOVE and Terry Gross WHO I ALSO LOVE. I was so excited and then...



After twenty minutes of understanding nothing that was going on because we were only getting pieces of words, the entire theater emptied out. We all got refunds, but guys, seriously.

I WAS SO UPSET because David Sedaris was going to be at the end and I missed him. He is my favorite!

This is me on line to get my refund with a bunch of old men. Seriously, I'm surrounded by them! Not quite sure why that man felt that elbow patches were necessary for the movie theater?

(I just want everyone to know that I did not tell Fiance to take this picture. And that on the way out I was whining about how upset I was and he said "Well, I got a picture of you on line, so at least you can blog about it!" He is the best.)

And if all of that was not upsetting enough, I just Googled the event and found out that it was held ON THE CAMPUS WHERE I WORK. Seriously! When I bought the tickets, I tried to find tickets to be in the actual theater but could find NO information on how to obtain such tickets! And there it was! On my campus! In a building I walk past to get home.

Ira Glass, I may never forgive you.

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