Embrace the Camera: In Which We Spent A Lot of Money

Fiance and I currently have a full size bed. Which is not big enough for the both of us plus Dilly. Not big enough at all.

Since we're moving next Saturday (holy moly we have packed nothing AND are going away this weekend) we decided that our new bigger home needed a new bigger bed.

Suddenly, it was ten days before we moved and we had not ordered a bed. And ummm I had plans to get frozen yogurt with friends last night and I am not one to not get frozen yogurt for dinner (see previous posts).

So Fiance and I hatched a plan wherein I would take a train to a different train station near a Bob's Furniture (and near Fiance's old house) and we would fast, buy a bed. I did not have high hopes for this expedition and was convinced we would need at least three hours.

Into Bob's we went, where we laid on a whole lot of beds. And where our sales man asked us if we liked to spoon when we told him we were considering a King. I was totally uncomfortable, and he tried to convince us that this was an important question. No sir...it is not. And even if it was, it was it was a question that we could have answered in our heads, and not vocally to you. Ew.

Twenty minutes later, Fiance had his credit card out (thank you baby Jesus we are getting our security deposit back and don't need to put one down on our new apartment!) and we had bought a new queen size bed! And its memory foam! And we agreed on whether we wanted "firm" or "pillow" (firm) or half and half (too many options). Also, in case you were wondering, don't call the "pillow" option "the mushy side" because your salesman will get angry.

That's the king version of our mattress, but that's it! And no, don't worry we did not get that headboard. Geeze, how intense is that?

We also almost bought one of these lights. How great are they? We decided against it, but I think we might be making a return trip soon!

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