Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, it seemed like you would never get here! Fiance and I are going out to dinner with friends tonight and heading out of town tomorrow and work was so ick this week. Busy and rainy and humid. And not just outside, friends! My office was a steam shower. My hair may never recover. But Friday here you are and gosh are you pretty!

Dear New York City, even thought your weather was abominable this week I think I'm falling in lurve with you. Don't you know lurve? Its love but better! Its hard for me to believe that you are the same city that I hated the year after I graduated from college. The same streets, no less! Now you are filled with beautiful buildings and subways I (kind of) understand and parks that I love.

Dear Mom, please stop calling me to tell me that Holly "ran away with another paper cup of water". She didn't! You let her go upstairs and then fill a tiny paper cup with water for her to drink because she runs around like a lunatic and is thirsty. And then like a lunatic, she pretends she is going to be all cute and drink from the cup but instead she grabs the cup out of your hand and makes a break for it! She spills water everywhere and tears the cup into a million pieces. And you are surprised every time! And you laugh even though me and Alyssa weren't even allowed to have cups with covers in the family room (and still cannot!). She is not a person even though we think she is and would like her to wear pants. She is an animal and cannot use paper cups, that is why she has a bowl!

Dear Chen Guangcheng, Now you live and study law on my campus? It is my new summer goal to run into you in Starbucks and buy you an iced coffee. Do you drink iced coffee? I can get you one of those frozen fancy drinks instead, if you'd like! We can also get chicken and rice from the street cart if that is what you would prefer.
Dear Carnival, you just appeared in my gym's parking lot on Tuesday. And I didn't hate it.

Dear Instagram, I did not really understand you until this week. On Tuesday night, I Instagramed this photo with the caption "Waiting for Dad to get home". I linked it to Twitter, and tagged Fiance using his Twitter name.

But then I got a comment from a friend. Turns out Instagram names do not correspond with Twitter names necessarily and that I had been accidentally tagging someone else as Dilly's father. Whoops!

Dear running, I think I don't hate you. In fact, I might even venture to say I like you. Not love...but like. Last night was my most successful run yet and I completed week five. Sunday is going to be a real test as I'll be waking up early on an out of town vacation to run an amount of time that five weeks ago was basically a non-possibility. But here I am! Sweaty and gross and nearly a bona-fide runner! Questions I have for actual runners: What are some things I can do on the days I don't run to improve my running? What sneakers do you recommend (I am getting a new pair soon HOORAY!) and how do you track your mileage? Finally, do you have any good song recommendations? There's only so many times a girl can listen to Miley's Party in the USA without becoming insane.

Guys, look how b-e-a-utiful I look! 
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