Mother's Day Weekend & Also An iPhone (Finally)

This weekend was so, so, so nice!

I took the train home on Friday night and spent the weekend with my parents. We watched DVR'ed Modern Family on Friday, I went running on Saturday morning (running on a Saturday, guys) and we went shopping and I got a haircut (thank you, baby Jesus).

And then, the skies opened, the angels sang, and I got an iPhone.

For the past three weeks my Droid (that used to be John's which I was using after my Blackberry went kaput this fall) barely worked. Touch screen dead, regular keyboard not very effective, would hang up on everyone I spoke to. I nearly flung it in front of the E train every afternoon last week.

Needless to say an iPhone is the opposite of what I was perviously using. And to illustrate both how excited I was to get an iPhone and also how great this weekend was, I will just show you all the pictures I've taken since Saturday afternoon!

We went out to dinner on Saturday night and I paid like a real live grownup! 

On the way to the car from dinner, we past the place I got asked to the Senior Prom (for the first time...its a long story).

Holly and I went on a lot of walks.

Holly went to sleep at 10PM and then decided she wanted to play instead. 

I watched Lockup on MSNBC before I fell asleep on Saturday night (my favorite). 

We had a great Mother's Day morning. 

We sat in a lot of traffic. 

Alyssa and Holly took a walk. And then got in a fight! 
We ate delicious dinner!

And then we did one of my all time favorite things...we sat around the kitchen table!

That's my Mom, my Aunt Lau (my godmother) and my Nanny! None of them would be terribly thrilled if I put non-candid shots on the blog, so this is all we're doing today. But they are the three most important women in my life (plus Alyssa who isn't a Mom). Happy Mother's Day to them! 

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