Embrace the Camera: Proud Big Sister

Last Saturday, Fiance and I plus a bunch of our alumni friends went back to our Alma Mater for the University's annual Relay for Life.

I'm usually pretty fired up about Relay for Life but this year I was even more excited because my baby sister helped plan the whole thing and next year she'll be in charge or the whole kit and kaboodle! On Tuesday, she also got to be the Secretary of the Student Government Association! So on Sunday, we are going to the mall so she can get celebratory presents.

Because being a big sister who can buy things for your baby sister is basically the best thing about being a "grown up". Also, she's way more trendy than I am so she helps me buy clothes that are age appropriate.

Also, have you guys heard of the Japanese Instagram? Apparently its called Pick and Stephanie found out about it and she thinks its hilarious. If she really likes you, she'll makes things for you like this little gem. She's a great friend!

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