Reasons to Love New York: Mystery Water

One of the things that perplexes me about New York is what Fiance and I call "mystery water."

This mystery water confuses me more than the amount of chicken and rice New Yorkers consume that keep what seem to be hundreds of delicious halal carts open for business. It confuses me more than how subway conductors know which tunnel to take (seriously, it is SO dark!). And it confuses me more than how women commute in four inch heals.

My confusion stems mostly from the fact this mystery water has the ability to end up on your head, shoulder, face and or bag at any point no matter where you are walking.

Inside? Mystery water on your head. Outside? Mystery water smacks you in the face. Underground? YOU ARE NOT SAFE (see photo below) from mystery water, which can be found in all sorts of patterns, depths and colors!

Here are some places I have encountered mystery water.

1. Underground when leaving the train and walking to the subway. Puddles of water...ew. Sometimes it also falls from the sky!

2. Fiance and I drove to Brooklyn a few weeks ago and got pelted with water from the sky. It was not raining! "MYSTERY WATER JUST HIT US!" Fiance screamed. I nearly gaged because it was a grayish color. Ew.

3. My office is under major construction. The whole building is being demoed floor by floor and this has allowed mystery water to assault its occupants at all points during the day. Outside the building, in the stairwell, you name it...mystery water will find you.

4. Subways all over the city are FILLED with mystery water. You should wear a hat to ensure that it doesn't accidentally hit you in the face. On the cheek. Near your mouth. Because that happened to me on Monday and I do not want to talk about it.

MYSTERY WATER where do you come from? Maybe these pipes?

Please stay away from my mouth.

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