One Year Blogoversary!

Today marks one year that I've been blogging here at Ummm Now What!

What started as a follow up to a Tumblr account ended up being so very much more. I can't thank all of you for reading, commenting and sharing. Its still a crazy to me that people I've never even met read my babbling in this silly space.

And now to commemorate my first year, 12 of my very favorite posts from the past 365 days!
Thank you again for reading!

Reasons to Love New York: Where Christmas Trees Go to Die
Book #3: An Object of Beauty
One of the MOST Offensive Things
365 Years of Engagement
Reasons to Love New York: Last Night I Got Checked for Explosives
Kate and Lenore Take Philadelphia 
A Nick Kristof Follow Up
Flea Food
In Which Street Signs are Important
Surprise Baby: Jonathan Matthew
We Can Do Hard Things
Birthday Chicken and Waffles

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