Anne Hamilton: the event of a thread

On Saturday, John and I went to see the new instalation at the Park Avenue Armory, Anne Hamilton's the event of the thread. I've never been to the Armory, but I think it might be my new favorite building in all of Manhattan. Especially at Christmas time!

The Wade Thompson Drill Hall at the Armory is gigantic and its filled with swings connected to strings connected to a giant white sheet. When you walk in, two people are sitting at a table covered in cages of pigeons. Their quietly reading giant scrolls of paper into an old fashioned microphones. Their voices come out of parcels all over the room that you can pick up and move, which was neat.

The best part of this whole thing obviously is that you get to swing on these giant swings! I even convinced John to ride one with me and then by himself!

If you look up while you're swinging, you can find the wire of your swing that attaches to the sheet and watch it move as you swing!

You can also lay under it and watch it dance above you. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be!

And now, here are a million pictures of me swinging like a child. If you're in the city between now and January 6th, you must, must, must go. Highly recommended!

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