DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Well I'm about to do something I never thought I'd do on this blog. I'm going to give you a crochet pattern. For ADORABLE Christmas garland for your tree! 

You're welcome/I'm sorry, depending on your feelings about crocheting. 

Easy Crochet Christmas Tree Garland
Adapted from here

1. Make a loop of yarn around your crochet hook, leaving a three- or four-inch yarn tail. Crochet three chain stitches
2. Double-crochet (dc) three times into the third chain stitch (the first two chain stitches count as first dc) for a total of 4 dc
3. Chain three, turn work, dc three times into first chain stitch (remaining two chain stitches count as fourth dc). Repeat until garland is desired length

4. Cut yarn, leaving about three inches of yarn tail. Remove the crochet hook from the last loop and slip the tail of yarn into the loop. Pull to tighten

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