5 Years

Friday was me and Fiance's 5 year anniversary. FIVE YEARS you guys! That is a long time!

Fiance had to work late and then ended up working later than that. Suddenly it was 10:45, I had on lipstick and he still wasn't home. Thankfully, he walked in at 11:00 giving us an entire HOUR left of our anniversary! We were pretty excited...maybe more excited than we should have been?

Our original plan was to head to one of the bars in our neighborhood but we knew that at 11:00 on a Friday they would be super packed. Because we are basically retirees, we went to the diner instead and got milkshakes (vanilla for me, chocolate for him) and french fries. Thankfully the diner was open until midnight and the host took pity on my lipstick wearing self and let us in!

Then we went home and accidentally took comas until almost noon on Saturday. HOORAY five years!

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