Flea Food

Friends on Saturday Fiance, Stephanie and I made a glorious return to the Brooklyn Flea. Remember I went last winter and it was so incredibly incredible?

Well picture that incredible-ness but NOT cramped inside at One Hanson Place but outside with a lot of room to look at vintage eye glasses (that STILL do not look good on my face), mason jars (my fave) and knick-knacks!

It was the B-E-S-T (I am ignoring for this moment the super sexy t-shirt sunburn I'm currently rocking).

In addition to all the super cool things we looked at (and also bought, but more on that in a moment), clearly we also ate tasty treats (as my friend, Becca, would say).

And After

Pause for a moment.

Ignore that the photo below is of a delicious doughnut. I JUST REALIZED THAT THERE IS TINY LANDSCAPING IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS PHOTO.

Guys...Fiance totally told me to buy one of those bad boys but by that point in the afternoon I was so hot and overwhelmed at the prospect of getting our purchase home (more in a moment) that I could not even focus on the succulents you are now seeing before you. And now I am kicking myself. Because Boris, my Ikea succulent (who I realize I probably should have named Sven) is still alive and doing well! So clearly I could have progressed onto one of these beauties. Ugh!

...Back to the doughnut.
Hibiscus doughnut. Because why not?

In addition to the treats, there are also lots of things to buy! Like this picture that I wanted SO badly but could not even muster up the courage to ask how much it was. Because a tiny picture in the same booth was like $200, no exaggeration. These owls (who obviously would have acquired kick ass names in my home) were probably one billion dollars.

Have I mentioned how much I want a hot dog puppy? This one was super cute and though not real, might have held off my puppy dreams for a few months, at least!

I took this for my sister who once spent more than six months exclusively watching The Music Man.

Seriously, I could spend all of our wedding account in less than two hours at the Flea. Clearly I need that giant canvas of the Statue of Liberty!

But, here is what we did purchase. Stay tuned for tomorrow for the tale of how Stephanie and I got it home
because Fiance abandoned for previous plans in Queens!

Happy Tuesday!

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