Oh Christmas Tree

On Sunday, after we accidentally slept too late, Fiance went to the store and bought us a Christmas tree.

Not just any Christmas tree...our very first Christmas tree! Isn't it cute? Its a miniature one and I would like to name it but I can't really decide what it should be. I'm thinking maybe Maude? Or Chuck? Does it look like a man or a lady?

Luckily my soon-to-be-mother-in-law had given us some Christmas ornaments a while back and Fiance bought us some lights. I'm also crocheting us some grey garland...I know, I know, but its the only yarn I had available. Next year we'll go for something a little more festive...which is basically anything other than the color grey.

I really need a tripod for my iPhone. I know that sounds crazy, but how many blurry selfsies can I put on this blog before you all start yelling at me? Also Dilly is the WORST at pictures. No amount of kissy noise making, snapping, or yelling "DILLY LOOK OVER HERE!" can make this cat cooperate.

And so I present to you our first family Christmas tree picture with a distracted cat.

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