Photo Vomit

You know those nights when you drink too much? And then you get the word vomit? Or its more violent cousin word diarrhea (none of my friends like that I coined this term, but I think its a keeper). Maybe its Wednesday night and you go to Happy Hour with your coworker and you accidentally spill a pet peeve you have about a coworker. Or maybe you're at a cocktail party and you accidentally tell someone you lost touch with how much you miss them even though you do not and a week later you're getting dinner with them because whoops...word vomit.

Well that's what happens to me when I go to an Etsy sponsored event. Except its not words and drunken-ness, its pictures and imagining how adorably perfect my home would be IF ONLY I COULD BUY EVERYTHING!

On Friday (after a partiularly hellish day at work) Amanda (knower of all Etsy events) and our other work friend, Marni, went to the Etsy pop up shop in SoHo. It was slightly less terrific than the wedding expo last spring, but seriously how could you beat cupcakes and fizzy beverages at 12:30 on a Saturday?

And now I would like to offer some advice to the Etsy people:

I AM AN IMPULSE SHOPPER! While my wallet appreciates the fact that I can never purchase anything at your events, I would like to have purchased those animal heads. And most likely that tiny succulent for my Mom and those little yellow ball-y things for my windowsill. And now it is almost a week later and I have bought none of those things. And I probably won't because I had to ask myself the question "Do I really need that giant gold moose head?". And the answer was NO, Etsy folks.

But holy crap, he (the moose) would have made me feel a million times better on Friday night and he would be so cozy in our living room. Try harder next time, please?

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