How to Impress at Your Office Holiday Party!

Last Friday, my office hosted its annual holiday potluck. Last year I was relatively new in the office, and didn't fully understand the scope of this tradition. I can't even remember what I brought (soda, maybe?) which obviously means that it was lackluster.

This year I knew I had to step it up. Yet on Thursday night, I had zero desire to bake something. So I present to you, an assembled dessert.

"Homemade" trifle requiring zero baking. You don't even have to go near your oven! Here's what you'll need:

-Trifle bowl (my Aunt Kathy bought me mine and I found this one for you in case you need one. Its totally necessary for the wow factor)
-Entenmann's pound cake
-Cool Whip
-Pie filling (of any flavor, I used raspberry but cherry, blueberry or apple would work, too)
*Note: you can really do this with any flavors. I've also done brownies and pudding and it comes great.

Here's what you do:

1. Take the pound cake out of the box and cut it into half inch slices

2. Place slices in the bottom of the bowl. You're going to have spaces that aren't filled with cake. Fear not!

3. Open can of pie filling and layer approximately half the can onto the first layer of cake

4. Open Cool Whip and layer on top of pie filling. You're going to have to eyeball it at this point and don't worry if some of the Cool Whip gets pie filling in it. It happens...there are more layers to disguise the error

5. Repeat! After Cool Whip, make another layer of cake, followed by pie filling, followed by more Cool Whip. Make as many layers as will fit in your bowl. I bought three of everything, and ended up with a lot of extras, so I made us a Travel Trifle for our trip with friends to the Catskills

You're going to see trifles on Pinterest that look perfect. No trifle I have ever made looks like that. The layers are messy and a little smudged. But trust me, no one cares. The whole thing went at the potluck and I've already told our Administrative Assistant she'll be getting a cherry one for her birthday in March. Good luck and happy office party season!

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