Birthday Chicken and Waffles

Remember yesterday when I said that birthdays stress me out because I think they are a lot of pressure? My friends know that about me, so instead of going out dancing and drinking to celebrate my 25th, we went to brunch!

They are the best and holy goodness the restaurant was great AND it was around the corner from our house! Have you been to Talde? No? You should definitely go and you should tell me when you do because I will meet you there and then you can come over!

I was so, so, so happy that everyone was able to come. I got the loveliest birthday cards (with cat drawings, love, love, love) and a fun new tiny Polaroid camera from Ale and Neil (see hipster-y photo of me below).

Our waitress recommended that we get one of everything because the plates are small. We decided to divide into dining teams instead (because I love nothing more than forcing my birthday guests to feel like it is a sixth grade dodge ball game) and ordered that way. I think it worked pretty well but my goodness were there a lot of bowls and plates!

Have I mentioned my love of Korean fried chicken? I also love waffles, in case you were unaware so clearly Fiance and I ordered this!

And our waitress was beyond lovely and gave us two orders of Halo Halo, a traditional Filipino dessert with a little flare. Do we think I could serve a shaved iced Filipino dessert at our wedding? Sorry guests, no wedding cake but please enjoy this shaved ice with tapioca, Cap'n Crunch and coconut!

And gosh, there were candles in it which prompted our entire table to sing Happy Birthday, much to the cringing of our table neighbors.

But seriously, dining friends. The screaming children you were alright with and the baby with the giant head behind us throwing pad thai around/at his parents was fine but Happy Birthday is unacceptable? Please re-evaluate and perhaps loosen up, thanks!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sure know how to make a girl feel special!

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