Dear New York...

Dear New York,

Sometimes, your subways have too many people on them. And the person in front of me on the sidewalk is simultaneously walking slowly AND tracking my movements precisely and not letting me pass them. Sometimes, I do not want to walk from the subway to my office and I wish I just drove up to an office building and parked in a lot. And sometimes, I want to punch the "Can I talk to you about my cause" people outside of the West 4th Street station in the face. Like, right between the eyes because YES I support gay marriage but NO I do not want to miss my train, I'm sorry peppy man with the too-short pants and penny loafers with no socks.

But sometimes, like last Monday I go out to diner with my friends (mmm sushi) and Fiance and I don't want to walk 12 blocks to the Subway to take us to Penn Station so we splurge and take a cab. And it is glorious that we take pictures! And then I remember I have them in my email a week later!

This Spring I'm loving you something fierce, New York. And will love you even more when I no longer have to take a 50 minute train ride home and thus can stay out later (but let's not kid ourselves, not much later).


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