Embrace the Camera

Guys! Guess what came for me in the mail on Monday?

My free Obama Biden bumper sticker that I ordered 8 weeks ago! HOORAY!

I think now is as good a time as any to let you know how much I geek out about Presidential Elections. Seriously, it is unparalleled dork-dom.

In 2008, I got to go to the Democratic National Convention with a super cool girl who I ended being friends with (and thankfully not a total weirdo stranger). For ten days, we chased Luke Russert around Denver and acted irrationally based on rumors that Bill Clinton was in town. And then, two months later my college hosted the third Presidential Debate and I met Nancy Pelosi. And I cried when I met her. And I'm not even embarrassed.

Now that Mitt Romeny is basically the Republican nominee, things can get into full swing! And now that I have this bumper sticker (location still to be determined) I am comfortable with the swing commencing (clearly they were waiting for me)!

Just so you know now, I am in fact planning on having a party when my Alma Mater hosts the debate (again, SO AWESOME) in October. And not like a little party. There might be balloons involved.

And will I invite people to my living room when Obama speaks at the convention? Probably. It will be a little be lack luster since last time I was in the stadium, but somewhat more exciting because I will not have an elderly woman screeching "Si, se puede," in my ear for six hours.

Sorry for my general disheveled appearance, these photos were taken post run last night. Did I mention I started running? Yup. Me. Sneakers. Quick movement of my legs. More on that later.

Happy Presidential Election Season to you and you and you!
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