Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Thank you for arriving. I love you and tonight after work I get to have my first pedicure of the season and go to a dinner party (with wine and pizza). I am beyond thrilled.

Dear Running, Do I like you? I can't really tell. We'll meet again on Saturday morning...perhaps I'll make a decision then.

Dear Robert Verdi, I saw you on the uptown E on Wednesday! You looked fabulous and I loved your leapord print sneakers and your studded leather bag. I didn't take a picture of you because I didn't want to be a total creep. But I was real excited to stand near you for three stops!

Dear Dominican Food, ugh you are the BEST. And sometimes, like last night, I get to eat you (mmm mufongo and platanos) while talking to college students about a career in higher education. THE best higher ed discussion ever (sorry cohort members).

Dear Hofstra tulips, I got to see you last night on the way home from the Dominican Restaurant. I forgot how much I love you. Seeing you made me miss you (and college) a lot. But gosh, you are pretty.

Dear weekend, I love you.

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