Dear 30 Rock LIVE...

Dear 30 Rock LIVE, you were the coolest thing Stephanie and I have ever been to!

Dear 30 Rock LIVE, we only saw your dress rehearsal. And NO we did not see Paul McCartney!

Dear 30 Rock LIVE, why were you filmed at Rockefeller Center? It is awful there! It is a labyrinth of darkness and heat and you have to walk basically 8 city blocks to get to the bathroom. I am not a fan, Rock Center. Not a fan at all!

Dear Cheynne Jackson, television does not do your pretty looks justice. Seriously, holy crap you are a beautiful man! You could sing Signed, Sealed, Delivered to me like you did last night always (shiny suit included!). For the rest of our lives even! But I think you have a husband?


Dear 30 Rock Live, I finally had that stupid song from Mad Men out of my head. But now its back and may drive me to insanity!

Dear 30 Rock Live, I got to sit behind Stephen Baldwin last night and gosh was I excited! But no one else seemed very excited? I cannot be a real New Yorker because I will always be really excited when I see a famous person. No matter how B list...please note that Stephen does not look like this in person. Additionally, he has a number tattoo on his lower neck. I do not support that.


Dear Jon Hamm, when Stephanie saw you last night she almost passed out. For serious!

Dear 30 Rock Live, we only got to see you because of Brian. Thank you, thank you, thank you BRIAN!

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