Books #17, #18 & #19: Chaos Walking Trilogy

First, I have to say that I never reviewed Book #16, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Whoops!

I'm keeping track of my books here on the blog and on Goodreads, so while I updated and rated it on Goodreads, it totally slipped my mind here. Anyway, it was meh (three out of five stars) and I didn't like the ending at all. Also, I definitely cannot even think about seeing the movie because the trailer made me too upset, but I might recommend that more than the book.

Books #17-#19 were the Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness. I'm just going go right out and say it and I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for this.

I think I liked it better than The Hunger Games

I know. I'm sorry Katniss Everdeen. It might be because Fiance and I just saw the big screen version of the Hunger Games (and I hated it) but I geeze I loved these books.

Chaos Walking is set on a planet (New World) where the relatively newly arrived male settlers' thoughts are audible to those around them. Tyrannical ruler (a la President Snow, Hunger Games folks) seeks world domination, almost 1,000 pages of action packed reading follows.

Overall, I found the characters to be very compelling. The first book is written solely through the perspective of one of the protagonists, Todd, but each book adds another perspective which added to the depth of the story I think. The transition between each perspective was never clumsy and really added to the narrative (I can't believe I just wrote that...but its true!).

I would definitely, 100% recommend these books to everyone (I brought the first two to my grandmother on Sunday) but am secretly hoping they don't gain the acclaim that eventually found The Hunger Games. There is no way a movie could do this book justice and that seems to be the path for popular books these days. So puh-lease do not read it and keep the Todd Hewitt and Viola Eade of my imagination alive and well.

...But seriously, you should read this book right now. 

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