Scenes From A Weekend

This weekend I...

Went to Gray's Papya for the first time! Have you been? It was pretty tasty but I'm almost positive that hot dogs and pineapple juice is a recipe for disaster.

Hot dogs in Washington Square Park on a warm Friday is the best. And did I mention there was a BABY with me? Psssh there was! Not my baby...or even a baby that is related to me frankly, but sometimes a baby comes to the office and obviously you have to take him to the park, duh.

And sometimes when a baby comes to the office, everyone decides that you should eat rice pudding AFTER you have already eaten hot dogs. And NO you do not want to walk to SoHo with the baby to get it, you want the nice people at Rice to Riches to deliver it to you. And deliver it, they do! 

We also went to see our new house. AND it has a backyard, guys. I'm warning you now there are going to be so many OUR BACKYARD IS AWESOME photos this summer and I'm not even sorry one bit.

And Fiance and I went food shopping. But we did not buy this, because no one needs this much duck sauce ever.

And we ate tacos for dinner and Steph and my sister came over! We got frozen yogurt also, and we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. I am officially a Ryan Gosling convert. I don't have any pictures of us watching the movie because I was too busy drooling (sorry, Fiance).

We also went to my youngest cousin Alexander's First Holy Communion. Which was in a Chinese restaurant and it was basically the best thing ever. They probably could have used all that duck sauce.

Fiance and I ALMOST called our wedding place to tell them to forget it when we saw this ice cream and jello dragon. Seriously, how do I make this happen at our wedding?

I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.

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