My Proudest New York Moment

Have you been to the Whole Foods in Union Square?

On Friday, after a somewhat busy end of the day I went to get a manicure and pedicure with my work friend slash office-mate, Amanda. Later that night, I was headed to my friend Brian's new place uptown and decided to make a few stops to pick up some things to bring.

We stopped at a liquor store on University so I could get two bottles of wine and then we kept walking to Union Square so Amanda could go to DSW and I could "run into Whole Foods fast to get some stuff to make an appetizer". Anyone who has been to Whole Foods at 6:15pm on a Friday knows how naive I was.

First of all, there is an escalator involved. And these strange wagon like things that people drag behind them with their groceries inside (kind of like a slightly larger basket on wheels). Apparently, the main level is where all the prepared food is, so downstairs I went to get the ingredients for mini Caprese Salads on tooth picks, which I thought was the best idea ever.

I could not find the toothpicks. Seriously I looked for twenty minutes and could not locate them. Additionally, I could not find anyone who worked there to ask where the might be. So I abandoned any hope of mini anything, accepted defeat and decided that we'd be having regular salads instead.

And then I had to check out.

Which was the most stressful checkout situation I've ever participated in. See those arrows? OK so you stand in a line with a colored arrow above it. Then, you look at the screen and wait for a number to roll through your colored lane (see "25" in orange?). When you get to be the first person in line, you pay attention, wait for the number and then RUN to the checkout lane to which you have been assigned. Oh and by the way there are 30 registers. Seriously, I almost had a nervous breakdown.

But I did it! I waited in line for twenty minutes next to a man with a new born baby strapped to his chest. In case you were wondering, nothing for the baby in his haul of chocolate cake, beer and celery (super strange).

I waited on line, checked out and then took the 6 train (my least favorite train) seven stops uptown. And I stood and held my bags AND read my book while listening to my iPod the whole way. And then I made it to Brian's apartment (past the 2nd Avenue subway construction...I don't know how anyone lives up there) without even having to look at the map on my phone.

Proudest NYC day of my life thus far, friends. No, I'm not joking.

Salad Success!

But then Steph and I had a subway fail and missed the last E train at 51st Street before the work on the tracks started at 11:30. And into a cab we went...

This is how you know no more trains are coming to the station!

On Sunday, Fiance and I went to our favorite brunch place. We haven't been in forever, and we figured we have to start making the "Last Of" rounds before we move to Brooklyn in June.

We're going to have to find a Mimosas included place in our new neighborhood immediately.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

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