The Banana Man Part Deux

During our first year of college, a friend of mine lived in a suite with three other guys. Two to a bedroom, they shared one bathroom (ick, ick, ick) and a common room with typical college guy things (big television, posters, beer pong table). My friend's actual roommate was a total crazy (stories to be told another time) AND one of his suite-mates was a total bro. You know, like Jersey Shore bro-ey.

One Friday night a bunch of us were in his common room hanging out. I don't even know what we were doing because for the first few weeks of college, we were pretty committed to not drinking. Which lasted until about October when we discovered tequilla, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, his bro-ey suite-mate was taking a shower, getting ready to go out to do whatever 18 year old bros do (I think we can safely assume fist pumping is involved).

He opened the bathroom door and emerged (in a towel) surrounded by a haze of, I kid you not a cloud of banana smell. You're confused right? We were, too!

The air around his might as well have been was a banana smell SO strong that at first we didn't really even know what it was. We all kind of looked at each other while he walked past us and into his room and then one of us whispered, "Does he smell like bananas?"


And he did! He smelled like SO MANY bananas. Six years later, I still have not smelled such a fruity scent anywhere else.

Until my subway ride home yesterday...when I man (less bro-ey but still a dude if you catch my drift) got on my subway car at 14th Street.

He smelled like one million coconuts on a Wednesday afternoon at 5:15. WHERE are you GOING sir? Are you going to your job? Are you coming from your job? How do the people AT your job deal with your coconutty smell?

I guess my main question here is where did these two get these strong scents? I totally missed my chance six years ago when I could have just gone in the bathroom to see what product caused the banana smell. But I didn't want to risk icky boy bathroom-ness. And I couldn't very well ask the stranger on the train yesterday what he used.

So friends, today's mystery is brought to you by the fruity smelling men of New York. If you happen to find the coconut man on the E train heading uptown, help a sister out and ask him what his deal is, OK?

OK, thanks!

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