In Which I Embarrass Myself Via Twitter (Again)

Remember that time I embarrassed myself via Twitter (see here and here)?

When Nicholas Kristoff tweeted at me and then I blogged about it (and accidentally mentioned that I find him attractive) and then he read my blog and tweeted me case you needed an abbreviated version.

Well I did it again...embarrass myself via Twitter, that is.

This weekend, my parents hosted a not-Engagement Party Engagement Party (details soon). I took Friday off and because I am now a full fledged Brooklyn liver, I took the train home Thursday night because I got a parking spot which didn't require me to move until this morning.

So I left work on Thursday night, took a cab to Penn (because I was apparently bringing a lot of things with me and my bag was heavy) and got on New Jersey Transit to Newark where I transferred trains to my ultimate destination.

Do you know Newark? Did you know Newark's mayor, Cory Booker, is very attractive? Don't believe me? See for yourself...

Cory Booker is also a notrious Twitter user! He tweets constantly! Is it snowing and your street in Newark has not been plowed? Tweet him and he gets on it! Unemployed and don't know where your nearest Career Fair will be held? Tweet him and he will tell you!

I had a twenty minute wait in Newark for my second train so obviously I tweeted Cory Booker. This is what I said:

"Twenty minute wait in Newark Penn Station. @CoryBooker get over here so I can see your handsomeness in person, puh-lease!"

Ha ha ha, I am so funny! He won't actually see that, he is too busy pulling people out of burning buildings and running a city. Do do do, I get on my train I'm texting Stephanie (because we have legitimate separation anxiety) when suddenly I get an email in my inbox! "CoryBooker has Direct Messaged You" Gmail tells me. Seriously?

Below is Cory Booker's reply to me.

The man read my tweet and thus knows I think he is basically the handsomest ever. Guys...word on the street is he could be the President one day. And if he is, this post will only be more ridiculous.

End Story. 

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