Wednesday Lovin' & Why Can't I Get Back Into Blogging Regularly?

OK first things first...last night was excellent. Like the kind of excellent when you get into bed at night and think "Geeze I am lucky" and you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Last night I had dinner with basically my favorite people in the entire world.

No one tells you when you're in college that there will come a time when you don't all live in the same building or on the same campus. That there will come a time when no, you don't want to go get popsicles at 2AM and you don't all keep the same schedule (class, library parties, part time job, drinking).

That there will come a time when you don't see each other in one big group for nearly a year even though once upon a time, you all sat around a giant table every Tuesday night for a meeting. But then through a series of 800 emails and coordination of calendars the planets align and POOF there you are again...around a giant table except this time your have drinks! And food! And it is glorious.

 In other news, I cannot get a handle on my life.

This move really threw a wrench in not only my blogging routine, but also my general life routine. Having a home that is two floors is really throwing me off, we're still living in boxes because we were away last weekend (party pictures tomorrow, I SWEAR) and we don't have enough storage. Which means we have to go to the Brooklyn Ikea this weekend. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Ikea is where happy relationships go to die...and that is just regular Ikeas! The Brooklyn Ikea, I believe, will be an entirely different (read: scary) situation. But Fiance and I have already agreed to get ice cream cones because why the hell not, they are literally $1.

Thanks for hanging in there as I attempt to gain some control over my life. House tour soon? By soon I mean September, most likely.

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