Our First Weekend in Brooklyn!

Our first full weekend in Brooklyn was so nice!

On Friday night the F train went express the whole way home and my goodness I should have known that was a sign! Fiance and I got take out sandwiches for dinner and we ate them on our porch (seriously where we now eat all of our meals). Then we unpacked some stuff (read: Fiance unpacked effectively and I whined for almost two hours) and then I gave up, plopped on the couch and assumed this position...because I am now in a book club with a Tuesday deadline so I'm on the reading bandwagon again.

But then I decided that it was time for bed and realized it was 10PM. Whoops, I was in bed and asleep at 10:15. On Saturday morning though, I was super productive and woke up and went for a run in Prospect Park! Because guys...I am still running! I know! 8 weeks later! This week is going to be the first week I consciously track my mile(s), so wish me luck!

When I got back from my run, we ate breakfast on the porch (obviously) and Dilly even sat with us! Until she started to be poorly behaved and she had to go back inside.

Then we took showers and got dressed. I took this picture because word on the street (my Mom) is that my sister is holding my sunglasses hostage. This is her favorite college tshirt. She is not getting it back until I see my sunglasses again! Muhahaha!

Then we brought some clothes to get washed. There is a laundromat not even half a block down from us which Fiance says is even better than having a unit in your house! Because there is a lady there who does your laundry and I am a lady who doesn't do laundry so it all works out! We dropped a bunch off to get washed, but we wanted to do a mini-load too except that we forgot we needed to bring detergent. Whoops, we are bad at this.

After laundry, we got changed and headed to the city to celebrate our friend, Ale, becoming a citizen on Friday morning! Congratulations, Ale!

Then we got home (after a painless 30 minutes people! NO Penn Station, NO driving home from the stations) and I did my nails. Then, I went to sleep.

Yesterday, we had to go to Ikea. But first we went to brunch with our friend Becca who is coming to Iceland with us and we booked our hostels.

Also, I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day! We decided that we are celebrating Father's Day in two weeks when I go home again. Coincidentally, I ordered him a present that takes four weeks to ship, so clearly it all works out perfectly! But just in case my seven phone calls home yesterday didn't get the message through loud and clear: Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the history of the world EVER!

And then we went to Ikea. Which I hate but Fiance loves. Like seriously, l-o-v-e-s. We were walking in the door and he looked at me and said "I am just so excited, I love it here!". I do not love it there because it is hot and there are a lot of people and you have to use big wagons and did I mention the people? Also, the bathrooms are far away which is unhelpful after limeade with brunch and Vietnamese iced coffee (skim milk not condensed, guys I swear)! And we could not even get $1 ice cream cones because we had too many things to take to the car!.

End whining. 

You need a map, guys! That is a bad sign in a store!

 Slight positive of the Redhook Ikea is the view. And that they have Statue of Liberty water taxi tours? I swear that is what the woman on the loudspeaker kept saying, but I could have been delusional at that point.

This is what I look like when we start to actually retrieve our furniture (almost three hours after our arrival). Side note I need you to know that it was c-o-l-d out when we left for Ikea, I am not insane and the sweatshirt was appropriate. However I was in fact melting upon our departure. 

This is what I look like an hour later. Clearly I sent this photo to my friends via text message, you are welcome Becca and Stephanie.

These are some of the things we got. YES that is a real succulent, and YES I will try my hardest to keep it alive! Haven't you met Dilly? She lives with me and even breathes and she is going strong after almost 12 months. I think Boris (the succulent, obviously) will be fine.

And this friends, is how we drove home. I parked illegally in front of a hydrant, we unloaded and then the parking gods (read: my grandfather) smiled down on me and a car pulled out right across the street from my house! To thank them (read: my grandfather), I swung my arm around the passenger seat and backed into the spot with my hand all opened on the steering wheel...Leon style obviously. Love you Pop! 

And then Fiance picked up the laundry and I went grocery shopping. Friends, I was exhausted! But to make up for the lack of $1 ice cream cone at Ikea, Fiance bought me $4 Tasti D-Lite for dinner. He is the best.

Then we assembled some of our haul (though not all of it) and then we passed out. All in all I say a very wonderful first weekend in Brooklyn!

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