Love You, Nora

I know I said that today I would regale you with the tale of how Stephanie and I got a thirty pound chalkboard home from Fort Greene.

But that was before my Mom emailed me and told me that Nora Ephron died. Which I would have learned myself if I had not gone to sleep at 10:02PM. But I did, so instead of finding out like the rest of the world, I found out on the F train on my way into work this morning, in an email from my Mom. And I almost started to cry even though I know crying on the subway opens your eyes up to all sorts of germs and illness (its science, people).

Nora Ephron accomplished a lot of things in her life. But when I think of her,  I think of the most important women in my life: my Mom, my sister and my Aunts. Because that is who I experienced her work with.

I know that the internet is going to be flooded with acclaim today, but I have to add my own. Seriously who didn't love You've Got Mail? I loved it. I love it. I love stories and movies about New York, especially those that make the city look like a fabulous place to live (because it is).

Mayor Bloomberg issued a statement last night that said, "From her earliest days at New York City's newspapers to her biggest Hollywood successes, Nora always loved a good New York story, and she could tell them like no one else."

I wasn't a kid who had never been to New York. My family is from Brooklyn and for as long as I can remember my Aunt and parents have been taking me to plays and restaurants, art exhibits in Central Park, parades and pre-parades (I love when they blow the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons up). But You've Got Mail is and was everything I love about New York. And Meg Ryan wore sweaters that entire movie! It just does not get any better than wearing sweaters in New York.

And Julie and Julia! I loved this movie! Potentially my favorite thing in the summer is go to the movies with my sister and Mom and eat popcorn. We are what we like to call Movie Sluts...we love basically every movie we see (even ones that get terrible reviews from everyone else). But we didn't even have to be Movie Sluts for Julie and Julia because was just that fantastic.

And Love, Loss and What I Wore! For as much as I loved her movies, holy crap this play was fantastic. We went on a beautiful, breezy, sunny New York day; me, my sister, my Mom and my Aunts. It was wonderful. Beautiful, even. And a make-up free Diane Sawyer was in the audience with us, which basically made my life.

So, thanks a lot Nora. Not only for your beautiful words, but for the memories you've given me with my family.

I hope you have beautiful built-ins filled with books in heaven, too.

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