And Then I Sat in the Fountain

Last night, I did something I swore to myself I would never do.

I sat in the fountain in Washington Square Park. Did you know you can sit in a fountain and not get wet? Because you can and until last night I was wholeheartedly against it. But last night I met friends and when one of them suggested sitting in the fountain I did not yell "ARE YOU CRAZY?". 

Instead, I got in the fountain. 

I have to say, it was super nice! And the sun was setting and there was a breeze and you get a tiny bit misted with water (I don't think this counts as mystery water because you know the source). And then the sun set and geeze was it beautiful! 

While this was a lovely experience, I would like to let the parents/nannies/caretakers of New York know that I DO NOT SUPPORT you allowing your children/children you are responsible for to go INTO the fountain. I don't care if they have water shoes on. I don't care if you dress them in swimsuits. I don't care if you slather sunblock on them before they get in as though this is the YMCA. It is unacceptable and you should not do it! It is dangerous (especially when you are playing Draw Something on your phone and not paying attention) and more importantly is UNSANITARY (read: icky and gross and there are PIGEONS who live in that park what is wrong with you?). 

I apologize if you are a parent who lets their children into that fountain and I offended you but seriously, the pigeons. Moving on...

When I got home, Fiance had put our second bookcase together (I love him) and then Dilly and I played Not for Cats until I went upstairs to bed. Not for Cats is a game I've been playing with Dilly since we got here and it even has a song that maybe one day I will record and post here. The basic premise is Dilly does something bad (i.e. tries to eat my computer charger, tries to sit on my laptop when I am blogging, eats my bamboo plant on the windowsill, kitty punches me with her (one) front leg because I am not paying attention to her). Then I say (or sing) "Dilly! Not for cats!" and then she keeps doing what she's doing. Clearly one of us is an idiot and it is not the cat. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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