Friday's Letters: A Party & A New House!

Dear Mom & Dad, you sure do know how to throw a party. And holy moly, Future Mother-in-Law, you sure are the best baker in the history of bakers ever. 

Ughhhh blinky Fiance!

Dear New House in Brooklyn, Fiance and I are making progress! However, I totally agree with my bloggy friend, Lauren, who says that Pinterest gives you unrealistic expectations of what your home will look like...thirteen days after moving in.
We finally unpacked Dilly's toys and she nearly exploded with joy. Ignore the weights in the background, please and thank you. 

Bloggy fiend Lauren and I ALSO bought the same bed set for our new homes. Parallel lives on opposite coasts, I tell you!

Dear New Neighborhood, I'm totally digging you. 

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