Friday's Letters

Dear Dilly, Thank you note writing is serious business. Why must you jump on the table (which you know you are not supposed to do) and lay all over my envelopes? And lick my pen? That is not helpful at all.

Also, are you starved for attention because you don't sleep with us anymore? Last night I got home and you jumped right on me and gave me kisses. You didn't even jump on the couch first, just right on my chest (ouch)! That is a Dilly first! We will snuggle more, I promise.

Dear Blockheads, you're the best on Wednesdays. Dear Co-workers, I am not even a little sorry I "accidentally" made us get the vodka lemonades with the beer. Not even one bit.

 Dear Bryant Park Yoga, you're pretty cool! You were free and there were more than 600 people doing yoga at the same time! And I got to go with my Bestie. We'll ignore the fact that the instructor told us to "stand on our heads if we want to". I'm sorry, sir. This is my first class ever...I am just working on not sliding off my mat in the 90 degree heat. Thanks for asking though!
This is the view at the end of class when you lay on your back!

Dear Running, I'm digging you. This week I ran seven miles. And tomorrow (on my 25th birthday, yeep) I'm going to run three more. Maybe four if I can. That is TEN miles. In one week. I'd say a small miracle! That was the view at the end of my run yesterday...the day I also took a yoga class for the first time (see above). Needless to say I took two Tylenol this morning.

 Dear Mirrors in My House, you're a new phenomenon to me. I've never had one, so obviously I'm now taking daily photos of my outfits. And Instagramming them, you are welcome! Also see there on the right? Those are the blinds Fiance installed in our living room! Ugh he is the best.
Leggings on the left (yes!) and my commuting flip flops on the right. Do not judge me, yes they are Crocs.
Dear Mom, thanks for this! I had to hang it on the bookshelf and not on my server where Dilly could get her grubby little paws on it (read: rip it into a million pieces with her claws). But geeze do I love it. Thanks for decorating my home.
Dear Fiance,thanks for buying me Italian ice for dinner last night after my yoga class. I'm digging you and our new neighborhood.

Dear Holly and Alyssa, I get to spend all week with you next week! And I don't have to work! It will be glorius.

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