What Our Weekend Looked Like

On Saturday John and I took a leisurely walk in our neighborhood and happened upon this great Flea Market on 7th Avenue and 1st-ish Street!

Then we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Applewood, for lunch. We got the sunniest table in the whole place and we shared a salad and a fancy grilled cheese and fries. Then we went home and I took a 90 minute nap on the couch with Mim.

Then we had a major Mim/Dilly breakthrough!

Saturday night I went to babysit for a few hours in SoHo and then John picked me up and we went to my Bestie's Birthday Party! But for some reason I have no pictures with the Birthday Girl? I'm the worst at parties, I should work on that before November...

John and I left around 1:00 (because we are old) and headed home. We had to wait FOREVER at Canal for the A train so I took these gems!

Once the A train finally arrived, I realized I was RAVENOUS because whoops the last thing I had eaten was lunch 14 hours before. So then we went to the diner!

On Sunday my Crocs and I took a walk to pick up bagels...

And then we made brunch in our kitchen!

Brunch was followed by time with friends and dinner at Nanny's house with my parents and Holly! All in all it was a glorious weekend...hope your's was, too!

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