Philadelphia Flower Show Part II

Here we go, friends! Part II of an undetermined number of posts about our trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show!

One of the most exciting thing about this year's show is that I will be buying a large quantity of flowers in just a few short months! Basically this means that I walked around the show saying things like "What is that?" or "Is this too much" or "What are my colors again?". I was a great show partner, just ask my Mom!

Exhibit one: Is this too big for our reception?

This is too much...I think its the leaves that look like palm trees that make me not like it.

I hate roses but I love these yellow ball things! I also love these rocky pots. I'd like them at my house but only if John carries them to their ultimate location because there is no way I am lifting those babies anywhere.

And how much do I want to have flowers under those glass cases? The answer is a lot. What self respecting woman does not want a little Beauty and the Beast going on at her reception?

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