Wedding Wednesday: A Full Blown Panic Attack

A byproduct of dating your Fiance for almost 6 years and being engaged for more than two is that you think you have all the time in the world before your wedding. Like lifetimes of time, you think to yourself.

But then you have a friend in your office who got engaged in January and is suddenly getting married in October...a full TWO WEEKS before you. And she is really on top of her shit? Like Save the Dates. Who even knows when those are supposed to go out?

 Obviously not our Save the Dates, as we are not getting married in London.

And a spring Monday comes and you start talking to your friend and she tells you she already ordered her STDs (I think it is NOT a coincidence that Save the Dates' letter abbreviation is STD. Just sayin'). And it throws you into a literal panic attack in her office which causes you to email your mother ALL of the STD options in the world, and then speak to her on the phone about them. Which doesn't work out because there are seriously a MILLION options and then you are short with her even though it is not her fault you are a slacker Bride, IT IS YOUR FAULT because you have been engaged for two years AND SUDDENLY YOUR WEDDING IS IN SEVEN MONTHS and you feel wholly ill-prepared for all of it.

To get a handle on my crazy, I updated my Wedding To Do list which I think helped me feel better? But seriously why are there so many options?

What kind of cake do we want?
When do I have to make a decision on a veil and do I seriously want one?

What are we doing for favors? Where are we having our rehearsal dinner? What song am I dancing to with my Dad (as if it really matters because all people will hear are my sobs). How round to I want my bouquet to be? I need a timeline of the day? What are we getting the bridal party? What am I wearing to my Bridal Shower? And most importantly WHY DOES KATE SPADE NOT MAKE THESE SHOES ANYMORE YET CONTINUE TO ADVERTISE THEM?

End rant.

Am I a Bridezilla? Ugh I hope not...let me know if I am? K, thanks!

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