Philadelphia Flower Show: Part III

My favorite part of the Flower Show is obviously the miniature things section. For some reason though, this year there was no miniature landscape design section. I was devastated to say the least, so we will have to make do with the new section they had with pressed flowers!

This one was made by a child you guys! She was in the sixth grade and she seriously made this out of flower petals and leaves. I kind of felt like a failure.

This is Prince William and Princess Kate getting married in koala bear form. How could you go wrong?

And now for a more realistic depiction!

They did have the miniature flower design, though which my Mom and I love. We like reading the judges' comments out loud. Seriously they leave them out for everyone to read! They say things like "The colors were well selected but the proportions need re-examining and the top flower is crooked". Which basically means "Nice try, amateur".

The teacups were my absolute favorite! Perk of Britain theme: everything has tea cups!

And of course, some absolute favorite.

And there you have it! The 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show!

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