This is a Post about Smoothies

Let's talk about breakfast, shall we?

Breakfast is a struggle for me. Namely because I have two other living beings to feed and help go to the bathroom (in Mim's case) and because even though I say I'm going to make my lunch the night before, I almost never do. Ever. Suddenly its 8:00AM and I have ten minutes to figure something out before I have to run to the subway and WHAT am I going to make? 10 minutes is not enough time to make eggs, and I don't feel like cereal and its the Spring which means I no longer want oatmeal.

Enter: the breakfast smoothie.

Here's the deal with a breakfast can throw everything in the blender and do other things. Such as make your lunch, feed your cats, put your baby cat in the litter box!

The other perk of breakfast smoothies is you can sneak green things into it without your taste buds knowing! Here's my kick this week:

-1 cup skim milk
-1 pack vanilla carnation instant breakfast mix
-1 banana
-2 giant handfuls of kale (I know, KALE!)
-handfull of frozen mixed berries

Blend it up, throw it in your go cup and run for the F train!

While this all sounds wonderful, there are some downsides of the breakfast smoothie. First of all, my blender is kind of rickety and sometimes it takes 2 minutes to blend my smoothie and sometimes it takes 8 minutes. Who knows why, but I think it has to do something with the order in which I throw everything in the blender. Also problematic is that sometimes I get more smoothie than other times? I think sometimes I go overboard with the kale, but who knows.

A final pro of the breakfast smoothie is that you can eat it for dinner, too! Like yesterday? I had two. Fear not, I didn't have banana in the evening one (too many bananas can be a problem, guys) and I threw a yogurt in instead of instant breakfast but there was no cooking involved and very little clean up!

And there you have it guys...basically the most cooking advice you will ever get on this here blog!

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