MoMA Rain Room

The first weekend in June, John's sister Laura came to visit! I love when Laura comes to visit and I especially love when she visits and wants to do fun things in the city!

I had been dying to go see the MoMA Rain Room for weeks, so clearly this was the perfect weekend to do it! John bought a MoMA membership for the explicit reason of being able to line up two hours before everyone else. Despite our VIP status, we still waited for what seemed like 6 hours but was actually more like two.

We were so, so, sweaty and gross. Thankfully the last part of the line is inside the actual Rain Room, which is dark and air conditioned...thank you, MoMA!

Here's what the Rain Room is! Its a room where you walk under falling water, but you don't get wet! Before we got to the Rain Room, John was pretty positive that the rain was actually light. I told him that I had read a bunch of blog posts and articles about the Rain Room and I was absolutely certain that it was real water. I was right!

I really loved the Rain Room and I would go again before it closes on July 28th if it wasn't for the line (we can get $5 tickets because we bought the membership, otherwise tickets are $25 per person).

Its things like the Rain Room and bringing out of town-ers to it make me extra excited to live in Brooklyn. Sometimes the city is on days when I have to move my car because of alternate side parking, or when its very hot in the subway or when I want to drive to a Target to accidentally spend $100 (why no Target that is not filled with humans, Brooklyn?). But I really do love living here and having people come for the weekend make me love it even more.

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