Holly Does Brooklyn

A few weeks ago, my parents went on a cruise and left me and my sister home. Something about it being their 35th wedding anniversary and going away with their friends? Needless to say, Alyssa and I were pretty offended.

Instead of staying home by herself in Pennsylvania, Alyssa and Holly came to stay with me, John, Mim and Dilly for the week!

Holly isn't really used to going on big walks (she doesn't like them) so Alyssa and I spent their first night here training her to walk on the sidewalk by making her walk all the way to Prospect Park. Joke was on us though because we were halfway home and she just sat down. She sat down, looked at me and basically said with her eyes "I am done! It is too hot and I am tired. Carry me!" And so I threw her in my tote bag and carried her all the way home. Kate: 0 Holly: 1.

Holly got the hang of the walking pretty swiftly though the next morning. So much so that we were able to walk her all the way down to 4th Avenue for some bagels at our favorite place, Bagel Pub! She was such a good puppy girl!

During her stay, Holly and Mim also solidified their relationship as girlfriends. Seriously, neither of them would eat breakfast or dinner unless they got to eat it next to each other.

By the end of the week, Holly was a certifiable city puppy.  My Mom said that when she got home, she slept for about three days. So did Mim! They really tire each other out with the playing and the licking and the barking and meowing at each other!

Come back soon, Holly!

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