Mimosa Megan: An Update

One of my friends told me I better put Mim on the blog more because she's going to get upset slash jealous of Dilly. So here we are...fair warning this is TOTALLY a crazy cat lady post.

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet on the new kitty cat front lately. That's because Mim has been a little (a lot) under the weather and we were pretty worried for a while. About a month ago, Mim's mobility took a turn for the worse.

Before we got Mim she was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, so she was always a little "dizzy" as her vet says. At the end of February though, she really started falling after not walking very far at all and then it got to the point where she couldn't bring her self to her food bowl or the litter box in the kitchen, which is a non-carpeted area.

We got new curtains in the kitchen for our sliding doors to the deck that week and as we were taking down the old ones we realized whoops, she had peed on the bottom of them (which were on the ground because they were too long). She couldn't get herself across the kitchen to the litter box (needless to say I flipped out for numerous reasons).

The next weekend, we rearranged our entire living room so that Mim could have her own, totally carpeted space to eat, sleep and pee on (meaning we moved the litter box, not that she was allowed to pee on our rug). She was good for about a day but then she started falling in the litter box, which got really messy. John got the showering situation down to a 90 second process but seriously we were giving her a bath nearly every day. Exhausting. AND now she couldn't hold herself up at all.

This picture? Some of you may have seen it on Instagram. I think the caption I wrote was "Mim is a real lady during dinner". Turns out she was having an actual problem and I was Instagraming her. #worstmomever

We finally took her to a vet Mim's foster Mom recommended (after I had diagnosed her via the internet with everything from neuropathy to diabetes) and 45 minutes and more money than I'd like to admit later, he basically said there was nothing wrong with her other than her CH. SO frustrating.

Two days after the vet though, Mim started to get a little better. She was putting weight on all of her legs, her paws weren't doing that weird bending thing, and she was getting around a little bit. She hasn't progressed much since, but she can hold herself up in the litter box (HOORAY) and now that we put her in it, we haven't had to give her a bath in ELEVEN DAYS!

Before we got a handle on the litter box situation and before we brought Mim to the new vet, she was peeing all over the place (as in not in the box) because she couldn't get there. We were really upset and didn't think we were going to be able to keep her since we weren't home all day and it wasn't fair to her to be uncomfortable all day slash for our home to smell like cat pee. That was a no go for us, and especially for John.

When we met with the vet though, he said "you could put a diaper on her". No. Absolutely not, I will not do that, it is too much (I thought though tears because I knew we were going to have to give her back). The next morning though, John looked at me and said "I think we could diaper her." I do not think I could have loved him more.

Thankfully we didn't have to diaper her and I think for now we have a handle on the situation. Which make so happy because holy crap do we love her. I couldn't even think of giving her back at this point even though she is the neediest cat in the world. Not because we have to put her in the litter box or because she has to eat special wet food or because she hits Dilly when Dilly walks past her ("PLAY WITH ME, DILLY!").

She is the neediest because this is literally how we are sitting while I am writing this. I basically typed this whole thing with one hand. She whines like a baby if I put her down.

Crazy Cat Lady

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