Easter Miscellany

This is the kind of post that is my absolute favorite...miscellaneous. Basically what's going to happen is I'm going to summarize our Easter celebration by way of pictures. Very few of these pictures have to do with Easter per se but this is my blog, so there!

First of all I still get an easter basket. I got more/bigger things that could fit in my actual basket...the Easter Bunny was crazy this year. I don't know if you see a theme (Vera Bradely)? Notes: that basket behind my new Vera tote are not gifts from the Easter Bunny but are actually Holly's toys. Also my pink Easter basket is the same one I've had since I was born and if things go according to plan, it is the one that my daughter will use. By according to plan I do not mean that I plan on gender selecting a baby (AH!) but that you know...we don't lose the Easter basket between now and the time I decide to procreate. And by me I guess I mean me and John? This really went to a place I wasn't meaning to take this post. Anyway...

The morning started as many mornings do at my Mom and Dad's house: focusing on Holly. We ate breakfast, Holly ate some (all?) the bacon, we took some sister pictures, I put her in my Ikea laundry bag and carried her around and then I put her leopard bow in her hair because it was a holiday. We did all of this while laughing hysterically at basically everything she does.  Also my dad and I gave her a kind of bath with Kiehl's no water shampoo. Seriously Kiehl's.

This chick soap in my parents' downstairs bathroom makes me feel like I am using its brain's to wash my hands. But its so adorable? I'm really torn about the whole thing.

I thought it would be a great idea for Holly to drive with me and Alyssa instead of my parents so we could have some sister/sister puppy time!

We put Holly in her bucket in my car and we got less than two miles before we had to pull over and do a puppy swap because she was crying. My Dad swears that she was making her excited noise, but I'm pretty positive she was crying. So we met in the Commerce Bank parking lot and exchanged custody of her as though she was a child of a contentious divorce.

We finally arrived in Brooklyn and to Nanny's house and had a really great day. I think one of the best holidays we've had in a while. We ate great food, played a silly game with my cousins, and enjoyed each other's company.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday whether or not you celebrated with chocolate and peeps!

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