Happy Birthday, Becca!

On Saturday night, we celebrated the birthday of my bestest friends ever, Becca! The theme (because who doesn't love a theme?) was "Dress Like Becca".

Becca was worried that this theme would come off as vain and self centered, however I think the general consensus was that it was hilarious but only because we love her so much. Take note that if you are not loved, you shouldn't have a party where your friends dress like you. But I guess if you weren't loved people wouldn't come to your party? Anyway...

This party also proved that Becca has a particular style. Namely: plaid, vests, crocs and coziness! She also used to have her nose pierced (until she lost the piercing in Iceland) so Stephanie and I stuck some bedazzles on our noses. Worriers of Instagram, take note! I did not pierce my nose six months before my wedding (though I have always wanted one so maybe after the wedding!).

Becca is also pretty known for her faces! Below, please find "Excited Becca" and "Angry Becca"!

In honor of her birthday, Becca did some incredible dancing to NSYNC. Below, please find her "No Strings Attached" dance moves.

Did I mention Stephanie download a meme maker app for her phone? Ugh, we had so much fun with it all night! Below, please find another Becca classic: hair twirling with the angry face!

Happy Birthday, Becca! We love you!

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