Some Things I Feel You Should Know About

During my blog hiatus, I've basically been compiling a list in my head of things to tell you guys. I have like 300 things to talk to you about but figured I'd start slow with this introductory THINGS I FEEL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT post. Also holy crap did you know I could change the color on this thing? I just discovered that I could!
People's Pops is a delicious popsicle  establishment on Union Street near 7th Avenue. During the summer I basically want to go there every day for a sour cherry popsicle even though one popsicle costs about as much as an entire box of popsicles would cost me at the grocery store.

The brilliant people at People's Pops realized though, that no one wants a popsicle when it has been snowing for four straight weeks and you can't dig your car out of the frozen tundra that has encased it. INSTEAD they rented out their shop to the proprietors of Winter Warmers (I love that both of these places are alliterations). I need you to know that we now know about the business situation of both of these shops because John and I were so intrigued that he asked the guy behind the counter what the deal was. We are now those people.

Summary: go to Winter Warmers and get one s'more to share with your husband and get a small hot chocolate WITH the giant marshmallow for yourself (seriously do not share it). I know it seems like a lot of marshmallows but I swear its not and you will thank me.

When you go to Carnegie Hall there are these giant dispensers of Ricola hard candies. I know this because last month I went to see my friend, Jared, conduct there. I know, right? So cool! The Ricolas are meant to soothe your throat and prevent any coughing during the performance. I had about six.

FULL DISCLOSURE: 14 hours after consuming my last candy, I came down with a crippling 24 hour stomach/fever/flu situation. I whined for a full 24 hours while rolling around in our bed and alternately sweating and shaking with chills.

I don't want to blame the Ricola, but I feel like I have to. Consume at your own risk.


I am now going to be a typical Park Slope asshole and talk about brunch for a minute. I KNOW I'm sorry.

Here's the deal: there is a diner in our neighborhood that we go to pretty frequently. I'm not telling you the name and you'll see why in a minute. A month or so ago our recently sworn in Mayor, Bill DeBlasio (a Park Slope resident), mentioned in an interview that he loved this diner. DINER RUINED. We now cannot get a seat for late breakfast OR brunch OR late lunch. Its basically the worst, and while I'm not totally sure I can blame the Mayor for this one, I'm going to because it makes me feel better about the lack of diner eggs in my belly.

Luckily, there are a bunch of other options in our neighborhood including one of our favorites, Applewood. Everyone raves about Applewood and their farm to table food, blah, blah, blah. Everyone also raves about their biscuits. I am here to tell you DO NOT EAT THE BISCUITS. Just don't do it. They are awful and John and I have tried them three different times to verify that they didn't forget an ingredient or that we got a bad batch. The biscuits are terrible. But they do give you milk for your coffee in this adorable bottle and the drinks are delicious!


Thus ends this week's edition of Some Things I Feel You Should Know About. You're welcome.

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