In Which I Disappeared for One Week & Turned 25, Too!

I realized that in my last post I never mentioned that I wouldn't be blogging on my staycation last week. Sorry to have abandoned you and thanks to everyone who asked where I was (ya'll are too nice to me)!

Last Saturday June 30th, I turned 25 guys! Geeze that feels old when I see it in writing but NOT as old as Fiance's 27 looks (woof). I'm not really a big fan of birthdays because I feel like there is a lot of pressure for them to be memorable, but I have to say this one was really great!

First of all, I got a delivery at work on the day before my birthday. Which has never happened to me before! Have you guys ever gotten a delivery at work? Flowers would have been pretty cool but let me tell you how cool my twin, Tammy is...she sent me cupcakes. I didn't even know who they were from until I called the number on the box and she answered...boy was I surprised. And geeze was I super popular in the office.

Except with my work friend Amanda because she also got me a cake from Carlo's Bakery! Like the TLC show Cake Boss' Carlo's Bakery! AND I got a tour book on Iceland (which I sorely needed because I am a poor trip planner) and a travel journal " case I can't blog while I'm over there," AND A PACK OF GEL PENS. Ugh, she knows me so well!
(Please note that this was what Amanda and I call a "bad food day" in the office)

On Friday night Fiance, Dilly and I drove to my parents' house in Pennsylvania where birthday festivities continued! But first, I got a birthday delivery from my mother-in-law who is SERIOUSLY the best shipper of gifts in America. That box came from Albany, you guys! And was impeccably wrapped in brown paper which kept the integrity of the bow. I'm constantly in awe AND there was a tote bag inside, so clearly I was thrilled!

On the morning of my birthday, I got a beautiful Bride bathrobe and card from my sister. Like I almost cried beautiful, but it freaks her out when I cry so I didn't. But seriously, Alyssa nice work. Also, I'd like to take this time to say that long engagements are awesome. There is simultaneously ZERO pressure but also you receive wedding themed gifts at miscellaneous times. Love it.

My Aunts came for the day and we opened presents and generally sat around the kitchen table and laughed all day. Which is my total favorite.

Some presents I got are...

Headgear! Running headbands (clearly how they are meant to be worn) and a head light for dark emergencies in Iceland (who wants to tell my Aunts that I will most likely use this is the hotel to scare Fiance?)

Too many dollars (in a card, see photo above) AND Tom's Ballet Flats from my parents (which I can not show you pictures of because UPS may be holding them hostage?).

A backpack for Iceland (which I tried out this weekend and it works!)

Also running shoes AND running socks that I will tell you about this week as I am taking them for a spin tomorrow morning!

Alyssa made us delicious veggie wraps for lunch on special Happy Birthday plates!

And Fiance watched her!

We had a barbeque for dinner! And my Mom made corn on the cob which is basically my most favorite thing ever. Also, turkey burgers because I stopped eating hamburgers (sad, I know). She is the best (or as my sister would say...the bees' knees).

AND Alyssa made me Funfetti cake. Which, I know I keep saying everything is my favorite but seriously Funfetti cake is my favorite, favorite, favorite.

Please ignore the candles on the cake I am neither 16 or 56 whoops!

And then we took our trademark birthday photo! I printed about a million of these at Target the next day because I think it is our best yet! (Please note our newest puppy addition)

Stay tuned for further bloggy installments of more birthday celebrations (mmm, brunch!) and Staycation 2012! 

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