A Very Wonderful Weekend (And A Lot of Pictures)

I am exhausted. Content and warm and fuzzy on the inside but exhausted none the less.

On Thursday morning I went to the airport and flew to Athens Georgia, home of the University of Georgia and the temporary home of my best-est friend Jared. See how temporary is bold? That's because he is moving home in May. And then, he is never going back there again. Ever. Nothing (much) against the great state of Georgia...it is just too far away.
All Georgia photos are courtesy of Jared's sister, Kyla. Who does not have a website or a blog, but she does take lovely photos and if you want her to take pictures of you (in the NYC area, send me an email!) 

Friends, the University of Georgia is big....dare I say gigantically huge. Take a bus (or the 36 that they have) around campus, more than 90,000 people in their football stadium, huge. Luckily for Jared, he is also gigantic (6'7 guys....seriously) so he fits right in.

Sometimes, we stand on steps and Jared still has to bend down.

We have been taking pictures for years, so luckily we know how to pose appropriately. 

AND at the University of Georgia they sell funny hats for you to wear while you are in their very big football stadium. I think I look equally ravishing in both of these and may wear them as a veil substitute. 

 Jared made his conducting debut on Friday night (conductorial debut? That doesn't seem to be a word, but that is what I have been telling people) in Pirates of Penzance. Jared has been in a lot of operas. Four that I saw while we were in college, but this one was the best ever because it was in English AND he got his own special bow...TWICE which gave us enough time to embarrass him appropriately.

Those are Jared's two sisters, Kyla and Samara. They came, too! And they participated in mustache drawing! I'm not sure why mustaches are so funny to me, but boy do I love them.

Didn't I say we were good at taking pictures together?

After a lovely thirty six hours in Georgia, we drove back to Atlanta and flew home to New York where Fiance (and Dilly) promptly retrieved me and we made our way to Albany to see the (future) in-laws!

Dilly cries if she has to stay in the carrier for an entire trip, so we let her sit on my lap or look out the window. She thinks she is a dog. 

That's basically what the entire drive to Albany looks like...150 miles on I-87. Usually by mile 80 we have to stop because I have to pee. Story of my life.

We had a great time in Albany! We ate a lot of food (Fiance's mom is some cooker/baker) and on Sunday night, we went to Fiance's brother's apartment to play board games!

All around, a super great (long) weekend was had by all! Except maybe Dilly, who got bullied by Fiance's mom's cat, Kitty. She doesn't look mean, but she is a ferocious hisser! And she growls AND she cornered Dilly twice. Once on the top of a table!

 I think we may have to re-think getting Dilly a kitty sister.

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