My Toothless Puppy Sister

Its been a big week for my puppy-sister, Holly Maire! On Saturday, my parents took her for her very first big girl hair cut. That picture is the result! Doesn't she look so grown up? My Mom says she doesn't like the cut they gave her, but I think she looks very distinguished.

I also need you to know that I got these pictures of her in an email from my Mom and that the subject was "Your Puppy Sister's New Haircut". Seriously, we have become crazy pet people in only seven months.

Not only did Holly have her very first big girl haircut, this is the conversation I had with my Mom last night:

Me: How's my puppy sister today?
Me: What?
Mom: I gave her her Kong treat (which is this thing that you put a stick like treat inside of and then they roll is around and chew it until they get the treat out) and she was SO excited. And then she took it into her bed and was resting and chewing it and then ALL OF A SUDDEN her bed was covered in blood!
Mom: Yeah, she lost two teeth though! I found them in her bed!
Me: Ugh, that is gross! Poor puppy! Is she sad?
Mom: She is a little depressed. She doesn't even want to play. I'm going to make her a scrambled egg for dinner to cheer her up.
Me: Oh. That's good. What are you and Daddy having for dinner?
Mom: I don't know, he's not home yet (having normal conversation) OH MY GOD SHE LOST ANOTHER ONE I JUST FOUND IT ON THE FLOOR.

Fiance are going to PA this weekend to look at wedding venues. Do we think I'll have a totally toothless puppy sister by then? Also, do ALL animals loose their teeth? Fiance wants to get Dilly a kitten friend but I am so not down to have kitten teeth bloodily falling out all over the house.

AMENDMENT: Three people have asked in approximately five is TOTALLY normal for puppies to lose their teeth! So they can have big girl teeth to go along with their big girl hair cuts, don't ya see?

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