Weekend Recap: Puppy LOVE

Friends, this weekend was lovely. My sister and I drove home to visit my parents for the weekend (read: my sister drove and I slept the whole way). Have I mentioned that my parents got a new puppy (only like one million times, right?). Holy crap, do I love her. Like I think almost as much as I love Dilly (its a good thing cats can't read). Seriously, look how happy I am in that picture.

I love her so much that I braved the snow (in the very attractive outfit you see above) to take her for a walk. Puppy sister can run! And ummm she loves snow. Sticks her face in and everything.

Yesterday morning we got early Valentine's Day presents from my Dad! That picture is Alyssa's artsy take on our new bangle bracelets, candy and lip gloss (best make-up purchase ever, Dad, seriously).

And after Valentine's Day presents and pancakes (seriously, my Dad was on his game this weekend) my Mom, sister and I went to a Bridal Expo. Have you ever been? Holy good god, was it terrifying...that's me "Oh crap I am afraid face". Why afraid you might ask?

Because there were NO LIE approximately 1,000 brides and nine million vendors. Did you know you need a champagne boat at your wedding? No? Me either until yesterday. Major pro of the crazy Bridal Expo though: I think we found a photo booth!

The photo booth is basically the only thing I am positive for sure positive that I want. I do not need a signature cocktail and Fiance does not need a groom's cake (why America, why?). Photo booth though is a non-negotiable.

All in all, this weekend was lovely. And this week? This week I'm taking over my Bestie's blog (more details soon) AND tomorrow is Valentine's Day (the one day a year Fiance and I have a picnic in the living room) AND THEN later this week, I'm flying with my other Bestie to GEORGIA to see our male Bestie be a musical genius. Clearly, I have a lot of Besties. Happy Monday to you!

Guys, seriously how awesome is she? Sorry, Dilly!

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