Wedding Planning is Hard & Radio Silence

Friends, I'm so sorry for the radio silence over here for the past few days. The end of last week kind of got away from me and then before I knew it I was asleep on my couch last night at 9:30. Whoops.

This weekend was majorly eventful as Fiance and I hoofed it to Pennsylvania to look at wedding venues. The night before our first appointments, my Mom gave me some AWESOME Vera Bradley wedding supplies!

That is a super serious notebook to write all of my super serious wedding details in and a very important envelope to keep very important wedding things in! Thanks, Mom!

We took tours of three venues between Saturday and Sunday and in retrospect, everything is basically a blob in my brain.

Did you know you have to ask to see the bathrooms? And how many servers there are per guest? And whether or not the waiters take drink orders at the tables? Those are all things that apparently, you are supposed to ask! My Mom and Dad asked them at the first place, but then I caught on and asked them at the rest of the places, even though I felt silly because I feel like those are very serious questions and basically, I still can't get past the fact that I could potentially be wearing a veil. A veil, friends! Like on A Wedding Story or Four Weddings! I'm hoping that I can wrap my head around all of this by the time I have to find a dress...goodness.

We have a date "penciled in" at the first place (TOP SECRET INFORMATION) which they will be holding for us for up to two weeks. Then we saw this other place that Fiance loved so now we are just thinking about it and eventually we are going to have to do the math (gag, hate math) to figure it out. Seriously, wedding planning is hard and I totally understand why we procrastinated while I was in grad school. I probably would have exploded between the paper writing and the touring and the questions and the MATH. Geeze. Below, please see a photo of how seriously I am taking wedding planning.But the pro/con lists are coming soon and holy crap do I love a good pro/con list. Its basically how I make all large decisions in my life. Even if I wanted to date Fiance (hehehe just kidding, it was love at first sight OBVIOUSLY!)!

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