Embrace the Camera: I am A (Crazy) Cat Lady

Last week, I had dinner with two friends that I worked with two years ago. They are lovely and we went to an even more lovely Japanese restaurant on St. Marks (really you should get up from your computer and walk/drive/fly there right now).

Even more lovely than great friends and tasty food? Pssh...I got a mug! My friend Lindsey got two adorable kitties about three weeks before we adopted Dilly and oh my goodness they are smooshy! When I saw her in October and told (read: gushed) about Dilly she looked at me and said "Welcome to the Crazy Cat Lady Club".

Lindsey commemorated my entrance to the club with this awesome, gigantic mug! Because ummm what Crazy Cat Lady doesn't love tea? Its a good thing I have Fiance, because I swear I am mere steps from being an insane spinster. 

No truer a statement has ever been uttered on a mug, my friends. Crazy Cat Lady right here! These photos are what happens when you attempt to take one picture of yourself for Embrace the Camera 

Seriously she is awesome. Reasons I love Dilly include: she likes to snuggle, she doesn't even really know she's missing a leg, she loves her some yarn just like her mama, she lets me carry her around like a baby, she likes to rest her chin on things and she's got some junk in the trunk (seriously, she's gained 2 pounds since she's lived with us, and I think it is exclusively in her butt). Also, she doesn't judge me when I come home from work and give myself a crazy clippy hair-do.

Finally, she humors me. Look at our faces. Mine says "Geeze, I am so funny and my cat loves me so much and she likes when I make faces." Her's says "Mom. Seriously, you are embarrassing me."

In other news, my bangs really need to be cut.

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