Nearly Ten Years of Friendship: A Photo Journey

I met Becca on the first day of our college Orientation in July of 2005 (that is so long ago I could cry). She kind of scared me because she had a nose ring, but we started talking anyway.

Almost ten years later, we've probably taken hundreds of pictures together. Potentially thousands. In that time, I'd like to say that we've perfected the photo taking but I would be lying to you.

These pictures kill me and I had to share them. It sums up the process we go through for nearly every picture we've ever taken together.

"John! Take a picture of me and Becca on the top of the Space Needle!"

"Hold on, I have to zipper my jacket"

"Should our hoods be up?"

"No, the hood should definitely be down. How does my hair look? I feel like its flat from the rain, is it flat from the rain?"

"No, OK let's keep the hoods up."

Upon reviewing my pictures later that day I realized that Becca's eyes are closed.

Nailed it.

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