Sponsor Spotlight: Green Button Crafts

Friends! I am so, so, SO excited to welcome our first real life sponsor to this here blog! 

Her name is Megan and she is my friend from our days at Penn. Have you ever spent 10 months with a group of people taking a full Masters course load and working? It kind of kills you. But it also gives you more friends...Megan is one of those friends! 

Megan owns Green Button Crafts and she's stopping by the blog today! Take it away, Megan!!!

1. What is Green Button Crafts? 
Green Button Crafts is a home and holiday decor shop with a strong commitment to earth-friendly materials and business practices.  All of my pieces are handmade by me (and sometimes with the help of my handy & handsome husband) and are inspired by warm and welcoming homes.  People feel pride in their homes and I want to help my customers make their spaces feel uniquely theirs.

2. What motivated you to start your shop? 
While I was planning my wedding, I found all of these beautiful and amazing rustic accents and wedding decor that I wanted.  I knew I couldn't afford to buy everything all so I started thinking about how I might make them and put my own, personalized touch on them; this is how I got sucked into the black hole that is crafting and DIY wedding projects!  I say that jokingly because I actually really love it which is why even after the wedding was said and done, I knew I wanted to continue creating new pieces for home, holiday and wedding decor that I could share with others.  It's really exciting and I've gotten so much support from family and friends on this new adventure.

3. Tell us about the craft you made that you've loved the most...
This is a tough one because each of my little crafty creations have meant something different to me.  I think my favorite piece so far though would have to be the "Love" sign.  It was actually my first post-wedding experiment and I just really love the way that the rustic beauty of the wood tones combines with the soft colors of the painted lettering.  The "O" is made from burlap that I cut to the shape of a heart and painted pink for a touch of texture.  The wood from this project is reclaimed pallet wood and the burlap is from a coffee roaster in the Philly area. 

4. Any terrible DIY blunders? 
Guilty!  I could tell you about the day that I went by myself to excitedly retrieve a few pallets for the first time and ooops, it turns out they weigh 50 lbs and oops are about 5 feet wide which is larger than the opening of my trunk door.  Lesson learned?  Bring a husband and a saw next time!  I've also had some signs that I've spent a great deal of time on, and then only feeling lukewarm about the finished product.  I think anytime you start a new adventure, there are going to be some bumps in the road.  I am learning to take them in stride and see my work (and my process) improving with each piece.  I am also learning to use some pretty impressive power tools which has been so liberating!

5. Tell us a little about yourself...we hear you just got hitched and have a super cute puppy? 
I did in fact just get hitched and we do have a pretty adorable puppy! Josh and I, and our little Peanut, live in South Jersey suburbia-land and commute into Philadelphia for our day jobs.  We surround ourselves with our crazy friends, our lovable families (including our little Green Button mascot, Jack) and lots of reclaimed wood, sweet sweet reclaimed wood.  When home, you can usually either find me making new stencils on my Silhouette (LOVE this machine!) or in the basement workshop sanding, cutting and painting away.

Head on over to Megan's Etsy shop, please and thank you! I've already placed my order for an Ampersand for our wedding reception and I'm so excited! Thank you Megan! 

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