Topless Thursday

On Monday night Stephanie, Ashley and I went to Linda the Bra Lady to get fitted for bras for the wedding.

You heard correctly! TWICE in under 24 hours, strangers touched my boobs: the bra ladies (ladies! not just one lady!) AND the gynecologist. It was an intense start to the week.

Oprah was correct...everyone is indeed wearing the incorrect size bra. You're probably wearing the wrong size bra by two to four cup sizes. We were not happy individuals...Stephanie was nearly crying.

If you're going to get fitted, I would highly recommend going with your girlfriends, but only ones who are willing to see a little accidental boob. Those curtains do not provide optimum privacy.

I'd also highly recommend Linda's in Murray Hill! It was suggested to me by a friend and they really do have something for everyone (see difference sizes of me, Stephanie and Ashley's boobs for proof!).

Success was had by all involved (extra for me because I convinced Ashley to go strapless) and we all left with bras. I spent a full $150 less than I anticipated I would. Why did I think a strapless bra would cost me more than $200? Because that is what wedding planning does to you. You assume everything is $250 MINIMUM and when anything is less than that you want to kiss the checkout girl and skip out of the store.

So hooray, Linda's! I'm so happy to check "bra fitting' off the wedding if only my dress would get here!

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